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Who Says You Can’t Be Creative?

Exhibitors quite often don’t think beyond  the “cookie cutter” booth because it’s a no brainer and perceived as less expensive.  Hartmann Exhibits  recently assisted  client “Chez Marie”  realize their “booth vision”.  They were attending Expo West 2013 and they wanted a booth that stood out from the rest but that didn’t break the bank. They had a wonderful idea and wanted to have chalkboards instead of your standard printed graphics. They planned on hiring a chalk artist to create their graphics onsite in front of their potential customers. It worked out perfectly and was such a fun project to watch transpire from start to finish. We encourage companies to think outside the box. Don’t turn away from a creative vision because you think it can’t be done or would be to difficult. We will help you come up with a way to accomplish it and will help find ways to keep costs down in the meantime. You spend money to attend trade shows so you can grow awareness about your company, why shouldn’t you shine?

2013-03-08 13.12.47       Expo-West-CM-Booth

This article was written by: Hartmann Exhibits