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Custom Countertops

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Custom Countertops

Much like a new pair of shoes, trade show counters need to be functional, durable, “serviceable”, affordable and designed to fit your own look and feel.  How they “fit” your needs means taking a number of factors and preferences into consideration.


Counters serve a purpose in your booth space.  Regardless of what is displayed on the countertop, locking storage is always a plus.  This provides a secure spot for storing personal possessions, electronics and branding literature.  If secure storage is not needed, counters with open backs or accessible cubbies may be the best solution.  “Floating” countertops or shelving is also an option for displaying products so that they become highlighted within your booth space.  Reception counters can be used to “anchor” the rest of your exhibit space.   Regardless of function, give counters and display surfaces careful consideration so that they are not only functional but unique to you and your brand.  Put your best foot forward with custom laminate or natural wood tops, tension fabric or light box fronts, printed surfaces and stand-off dimensional graphics.


This article was written by: Hartmann Exhibits