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August Tune Up Featuring Duo H-Line

Hartmann Exhibits Has a Full In-House Woodworking Studio ~ Every exhibitor has the opportunity to have a powerful presence in the trade show environment.  Color, light and movement draws the eye… custom elements bring focus.   Dimension, depth and customization make the difference between an out-of-the box display and a display with character. Hartmann understands the..

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Buy your exhibit SMART!

Honing in on a  SMART exhibit purchase starts with a firm grasp of goals, opportunities and limitations.   Start with goals: What are you trying to accomplish through exhibiting?  Introduce a new company?  Launch a new product?  Sample product?  Educate? What image do you want to portray?  What is your brand message? How many events..

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July Tune Up Featuring Duo H-Line

  What is full-color and green all over? Duo is a world leader in modular exhibition and display booths. Extensive expertise in large format printing and an unrivaled environmental approach makes Duo Panoramic the go-to for the best in custom turnkey modular solutions.  Duo Panoramic h-line is a trade show display system which allows you..

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June Tune Up Featuring Tension Fabric Tube Frames

Maximum impact with a modest investment.  Start with a lightweight, easy-to-assemble aluminum frame and then slip a high quality “pillowcase” stretch fabric graphic over the frame.  With a snap and a zip you have a large format image that is sure to catch the eye. Tube frames are highly customizable yet extremely portable.  Not limited..

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Let’s talk about banner stands.Banner Stands

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What is a Banner that “stands”? It’s a roll-up, it’s a pop-up, it’s a pull-up, it’s a retractable!  Or is it just a banner? Bannerstands (or is it banner stand) are often requested but the design/functionality is often misunderstood.  “Stand” is the common denominator, implying that the banner stands freely with some sort of support…

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