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Hot Trends in the Exhibit World

July Tune Up Featuring Duo H-Line

  What is full-color and green all over? Duo is a world leader in modular exhibition and display booths. Extensive expertise in large format printing and an unrivaled environmental approach makes Duo Panoramic the go-to for the best in custom turnkey modular solutions.  Duo Panoramic h-line is a trade show display system which allows you..

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June Tune Up Featuring Tension Fabric Tube Frames

Maximum impact with a modest investment.  Start with a lightweight, easy-to-assemble aluminum frame and then slip a high quality “pillowcase” stretch fabric graphic over the frame.  With a snap and a zip you have a large format image that is sure to catch the eye. Tube frames are highly customizable yet extremely portable.  Not limited..

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Let’s talk about banner stands.Banner Stands

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What is a Banner that “stands”? It’s a roll-up, it’s a pop-up, it’s a pull-up, it’s a retractable!  Or is it just a banner? Bannerstands (or is it banner stand) are often requested but the design/functionality is often misunderstood.  “Stand” is the common denominator, implying that the banner stands freely with some sort of support…

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Custom Countertops

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Custom Countertops Much like a new pair of shoes, trade show counters need to be functional, durable, “serviceable”, affordable and designed to fit your own look and feel.  How they “fit” your needs means taking a number of factors and preferences into consideration.   Counters serve a purpose in your booth space.  Regardless of what..

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May Tune Up-Featuring LED light technology

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Featuring sleek aluminum profiles, LED light technology, and state of the art fabric printing,  light boxes share your message with more  impact. Light boxes are available in both standard and custom sizes.  Interchangeable graphics and quick set up / dismantle make this the “go to” option for exhibitors who want to make a statement.     Does your company..

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